Analytical Development & Quality Control

Life Sciences Expertise

Business & Decision Life Sciences brings an extensive expertise in analytical development and quality control.

Our assets:

  • Broad knowledge relative to the analytical development and quality control departments
  • We are able to develop and validate different analytical methods
  • Ability to work with physicochemical, chemical and biological methods
  • Habit of working with finished product and incoming materials
  • Ability to adapt the strategy according to the quality and field needs
  • Broad overview on the different departments and the needs to exchange with different actors and adapt to their needs
  • Large knowledge of necessary documentations
  • Broad expertise in stability studies
  • Thanks to our Data expertise, we can bring you new solutions to handle and optimize your quality processes. We are able to develop software using Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence & Data Governance
  • Through our Data knowledge, we can bring tailored solutions to operational needs

Why choose us?


We are used to work within Quality Control requirements, with all its specificities and difficulties.


We put a huge focus on the essential part that is analytical development an validation with strong experts.