Words from management

Words from management

Business & Decision Life Sciences was acquired by Orange.
How does this impact your business?

The Orange Group aims to be one of the world’s leaders in connected health care. Sharing this ambition, we joined them in 2018.

The impact on our offers was huge, seeing that the Orange Group added lots of expertise to ours, completing our Health Care and Life Sciences value chain, and also strengthening our image as a trustworthy multi-specialist partner in the sector.

We have kept our strong CRO know-how  in Clinical Operations, Biometrics, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs, complementing it with expertise in the clinical data journey (collection, transportation, security, storage) and Data Analytics (Big Data, Data Sciences) to turn ourselves into a CRO of choice, a true digital transformation partner.

Hence, whereas our competitors seem to have difficulties to assemble all the pieces, our offers have grown to be comprehensive, end-to-end packages with high added value.

Yoann Cotte – CEO Business & Decision Life Sciences Group

What are Business & Decision Life Sciences’ biggest challenge and main asset for the future?

Our biggest challenge?

  • This would mainly be an internal issue. We need to make sure that all our employees know the company (Group) and its assets, that they know how to talk about it in away that contributes to our growth in maturity, and that creates new opportunities. Moreover, each and every one of our consultants needs to be able to enrich themselves through this growing awareness and through sharing these insights, so as to support Business & Decision Life Sciences in proposing a comprehensive, agile offer that includes all aspects of our Life Sciences expertise.

Our main asset?

  • I would say that our main asset is directly inspired by the great opportunity our incorporation in the Orange Group has given us. Our service building blocks complement each other, which allows us to approach our clients from a common, inclusive vision, offering them the possibility to entrust us with their clinical studies from end to end: from data collection to valorization, transport, security,
    storage, classification, interpretation … no matter its volume or its sources.

Benoit Thomas – Country Manager Belgium

How do you plan to provide new and innovative solutions to your clients?

What enables us to provide new and innovative solutions to our clients, is the perfect blend of Life Sciences and data knowledge available within Business & Decision Life Sciences and Business & Decision Consulting. We stimulate that innovation by bringing the right people together and initiating co-creation tracks, and we’re happy to share our experiences and best practices based on actual cases realized for various industry sectors.

By supporting our teams’ members in their personal development, offering the opportunity to learn, to increase and to practice their knowledge through internal initiatives of co-creation, we aim to boost the adoption of innovation by our customers.

We can deliver innovative solutions in different operating models, like consulting, project and managed services. In addition, through Managed Services, our clients can count on our support in their transition from project stage to running mode.

Jean-Noël Wallet –Director Delivery and Solution Portfolio

How do you support your pharmaceutical clients in their digital transformation?

To accompany pharmaceutical companies and laboratories in their digital transformation, we rely on our expertise, which is based on 3 pillars:

Technology & Infrastructure: Thanks to Orange, we are able to support companies throughout the Health Data Journey, from data collection to storage and transport, and to ensure that everything is done in an ultra-secure way.

Digital & Data: Our profound expertise in Big Data, Data Science, Data Governance and Digitalization, qualifies us to assist our clients in the exploitation and analysis of their data and real world evidence (RWE).

CRO: Our history as a CRO turned us into true masters in the field, with the capacity to adapt to the challenges, needs and stakes at play within the Life Sciences sector.

The synergy between our 3 pillars allows us to propose a complete and unique value chain to accompany our clients in their digital transformation.

Pierre-Antoine Dejace  – Director Business Area Life Science Europe

BDLS’ expertise is highly influenced by having scientific experts in their respective fields as consultants or internal employees. How do you acquire these kinds of profiles?

I believe that our strength is our identity and values. So, the way I approach the candidates and then convince them goes through explaining & showing them these aspects of our Company.

The presentation of our activities in life sciences and projects realized in collaboration with Business & Decision Life Sciences, Business & Decision Consulting, and Orange contributes to creating a sense of expertise in candidates. On the other hand, the opportunity of working in an international environment and the idea of receiving an individualized career management plan increases their will to join us.

Ani Kvantaliani – HR Business Partner

What efforts does Business & Decision make to retain expert consultants in this competitive market?

The key word is ‘Differentiation’. We look for differentiation in all aspects of Human Resources, hence in every step of the employee cycle, from sourcing over hiring, onboarding, career management, rewarding and beyond. This translates into initiatives such as Top Employer, a focus on the candidate journey, high attention to the follow-up of consultants, differentiation in reward package, and so on.

Steven op ’t Roodt – HR Director

Join our Family !

At Business & Decision Life Sciences, our employees are at the center of our initiatives. By joining a subsidiary of the Orange Group, you can look forward to infinite career possibilities. Our wide range of geographical locations also allows us to follow our employees' life projects!

Our highly diversified customer portfolio and stable growth provide opportunities for candidates and employees throughout the company.

Our values: Respect, Excellence & Humility

Our ambition: To become the market leader in intellectual services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical devices sectors.

Loïs BROYER - Director France