My name is Romain and I’m a French Pharmacist. After my graduation, I’ve looked for a new challenge and BDLS welcomed me into their offices. Before my first project, I had the opportunity to share some great moments with the business managers and recruiters. This experience helped me to develop my soft skills and become an (even) better fit for my customers.

The challenges offered by BDLS today, are making me happy. I think that it’s because the business managers are proactive, accessible and know us very well that they are able to find projects that really match our ambitions and needs.

Romain Perrin
Project Manager Quality Assurance

My job is quite challenging, I have learned that dealing with data is not only a matter of rigor but also of creativity, which makes the work so engaging.

What I mainly appreciate here is the company’s investment on my training and development, and the chance I had to meet and work with lovely co-workers.

Sandra Latorre
Data Integration Specialist

Business & Decision Life Sciences (BDLS) recently gave me the opportunity to grow as a Platform lead for the new star of the year: MDR (Medical Data Reviewing). It is really challenging and exciting for me to handle this position. I have a lot to learn and I’m convinced it will reinforce my career path. In addition, I have the chance to work with great people, each of them allowed me to find my place in the company. I think BDLS is part of those companies where you feel at home. People are ready to listen and available.

I would recommend working at BDLS because I feel part of it and I think it is a good place to work for both Junior people as Senior people to further develop their capacity.

Christelle Monoyer
Medical Data Reviewer

I’ve been working for Business & Decision Life Sciences (BDLS) for over 2 years now. My job: technical CMC and facilities writer in global regulatory affairs in a vaccine company (GSK). I love working as a consultant in this company. My colleagues at our client’s site are wonderful people, and my work there is very inspiring and motivating.

The BDLS spirit makes you feel like being among family and friends, you can talk about everything. My colleagues are very open-minded, talented and qualified. Our business managers keep the communication between colleagues flowing, and follow up on our development and interaction with our clients in an extremely effective way.

Within BDLS I have developed my organization, leadership, and communication skills, along with a strong methodology through working within cross-functional projects. They also provided me with an excellent training program. So, if you want a very good work environment, with a very positive spirit, you have to apply with us.

Oussmane Mounir
Technical CMC and facilities writer

Business & Decision Life Sciences (BDLS), gave me the opportunity to start a new career as consultant in non-clinical statistics. They have trusted me and encouraged me to train and to surpass myself. I have been working at BDLS for over 3 years now and it is still possible to improve yourself and to develop new skills, while keeping a good balance between your professional and private life. I also really appreciate that team spirit and exchanges between colleagues are emphasized during social events and knowledge sharing sessions organized by BDLS.

Jean-François Dumasy
Non-Clinical Statistician