Process Development, Qualification and Manufacturing

Life Sciences Expertise

Business & Decision Life Sciences has operational experts able to deeply understand and adapt to the field’s needs in manufacturing, qualification and validation.

Our assets:

  • Broad knowledge relative to the development and manufacturing phases
  • We are able to develop, optimize, transfer and validate manufacturig processes
  • Deep understanding of pharma products, bio products, food products, medical devices and healthcare products
  • Ability to adapt the strategy according to the quality and field needs
  • Broad overview on the different departments and the needs to exchange with the different actors such as QA, QC and R&D
  • Implementation of comissioning, qualification and validation strategies on equipments, processes and computer systems
  • Deep knowledge of necessary documentation for manufacturing
  • More than providing manufacturing solutions, we can also bring lean expertise. From green belt to black belt
  • Thanks to our Data expertise, we can bring you new solutions to handle and optimize your manufacturing processes. We have the ability to develop software using Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence & Data Governance

Why choose us:

Broad Expertise
We have been the trusted partner of major pharmaceutical companies, supporting their Manufacturing Management, for years.

End-to-end support
We provide strong end-to-end support tailored to your needs thanks to our team of experts with strong knowledge of processes.