Clinical Data Visualization

Digital & Data Expertise

Business & Decision Life Sciences has deployed a user-friendly and effective Clinical Trial DataViz solution who produces customizable dashboards through intuitive and advanced visualization objects.

Applied to the pharmaceutical world, data visualization allows a more efficient and real time management of many activities such as:

  • Clinical Trial Overview
  • Patient compliance (RWE)
  • Strategic decision making (ComEx, management, project teams)
  • Sales & Marketing management
  • Production & Supply management

Our assets:

  • Data Governance (data cleaning, data stewarding)
  • Data Collection Automation
  • Data flow automation
  • Dashboard design and development (personalized, dynamic, ergonomic and automated)
  • User experience & User Interface creation, review(ergonomics, UX/UI laws)
  • Expertise in different tools (PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Cognos, Talend)

Why choose us?

Broad Expertise
Thanks to our strong expertise, Business & Decision Life Sciences develops data visualization solutions helping pharmaceutical companies to better understand their data with the objective to make informed decisions in real time.

Tailored Solution
Business & Decisions produces customizable dashboards through a user-friendly and effective Clinical Trial DataViz solution that best fits your needs.

Demo dashboard