RWE Data Analysis

Digital & Data Expertise

The clinical world has evolved drastically in recent years. It is being transformed every day through the use of tools and data coming from more and more varied sources outside the traditional historical circuits.

The RWE now provides complementary and indispensable means to accelerate the production and marketing of vaccines and drugs. The use of real life data has become more than obvious for the pharmaceutical sector.

To accompany its customers, Business & Decision Life Sciences offers dedicated teams of pharmaco epidemiologists, RWE data analysts and medical writers whose expertise is adapted to the specificities expressed.

Our assets are:

  • Use of software and methodologies adapted to deal with Safety topics
  • Creation of SAS tools to extract and prepare data from RWE databases and to perform data analysis
  • Creation of macro, code list libraries
  • Creation of high quality reports to help in the development of drugs, to find new uses for them (new indication), to re-evaluate the selling price or the associated reimbursement (in connection with the market access)
  • Preparation of RWE data to enable data exploitation: transformation, quality verification, enrichment via advanced analytical techniques
  • Creation of dashboards to establish key links on diseases / comorbidities of interest in anonymized data
  • Using data from large patient pools, create analytics to track patients' clinical routines and measure the effectiveness of different treatments

Why choose us:

Agility and expertise
Possible thanks to 50 specialists who can be mobilized on different models: from the commitment of means to the commitment of results.

Ability to process all types of data: clinical, non-clinical, RWE.
Digital enhancement of real-life data (extraction, transport, storage, processing, visualization) and business (pharmacoepidemiologist, RWE data analyst and medical writer).