RWE Scientist

Life Sciences Expertise

The clinical world has changed drastically in recent years. It is changing every day using tools and data from increasingly varied sources outside of traditional channels.

Real World Evidence (RWE) provides today additional and essential resources to accelerate the production and marketing of drugs and medicines. The use of real-life data has become more and more obvious to the pharmaceutical industry.

To accompany our clients, Business & Decision Life Sciences provides dedicated teams of pharmacoepidemiologist, RWE data analysts and medical writers with a tailored expertise to the specificities.

Our assets:

  • Construction of the study strategy: design, framing, study proposal, feasibility, planning, execution, cost
  • Assessment and selection of the type of medico-administrative database (SNDS, CPRD, MarketScan, other) adapted to the needs and selection criteria
  • Epidemiological analyzes on the data (tolerance, efficiency and safety studies) and use of methodological components (design, bias, limitation, etc.)
  • Literature review and scientific monitoring
  • Medical writing: protocol, report writing, statistical analysis plan, data management plan
  • Creation of clinical reports, newsletters, abstracts, posters, manuscripts, oral presentations
  • Health authorities report writing

Why choose us:

Flexibility & Broad Expertise
Thanks to our specialized team of 50 experts, we can support our clients and best fit their needs.

Data Expertise
We are able to manage any type of data: clinical, non-clinical, RWE.

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