Clinical Trial Digitalization

Digital & Data Expertise

Developing new drugs is becoming more and more expensive with the hardening of regulations. Business & Decision Life Sciences offers solutions to reduce these costs through the digitalisation of clinical trials, made possible by the automation of patient data collection, the centralisation and standardisation of data management and the exploitation of clinical data through Data Sciences.

Our assets are:

Clinical Data Collection
We collect the Clinical Data from Hospitals, Home or Real World (RW) Data through the connectivity of medical devices (Pacemaker, prosthesis, electro cardiograph, Glucometer, tensiometer, respirator, probe, etc...) , manage the data interoperability in the hospital (HIS, Software, Medical Devices) and develop mobile applications dedicated to the patients

Clinical Data Journey
We ensure the Collection, Transport and Storage of the Clinical Data (from Medical devices, IoT, Apps, Websites, RWE to Certified Health Data Host) and their Protection with the support of Orange Cyberdefense

Clinical Data Analyses
We support the Clinical Trial Digitalization by identifying new opportunities from the data. We explore a range of options supported by our multidisciplinary team of experts in:

  • Data Architecture (Big Data, Cloud, Data Lake, IoT)
  • Data Science & IA (Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language, Computer Vision )
  • Data Governance (Master Data, Data Quality, Mapping, Data Office Organization)
  • Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence, Dataviz, IoT, Data Integration, EPM, Self Service BI)
  • Data Protection (IAM, Data Masking, Data Protection, GDPR, Compliance)

Clinical Data Valorisation
To support pharmaceutical laboratories in their clinical research and performance of their tests, we work in different branches including:

  • Clinical operations with Decision support, Real Time data visualization, dynamic dashboarding, reporting...
  • Pharmacovigilance with Signal Detection, data visualisation of PV cases, automation of data collection, automated literature monitoring, social network screening...
  • Biometrics, Data Standard (CDISC, SDTM, CDASH, ADaM,...), Database integration, RWE
  • Regulatory Affairs in Lyon
  • Sales & Marketing with HealthCare Professionals Dialog, Mailing list, sales monitoring dataviz
  • Production & Supply with Quality check automation, automated visual Inspection, prediction (where, when, how much), ERP
  • Patient support with real-time monitoring, compliance, care, predictive diagnosis

Why choose us?

Full expertise in the value chain
Business & Decision Life Sciences, Orange Group's CRO, is the only company with the capacity to master the entire Value Chain required for the digitalisation of clinical trials.

Digital approach
We are able to monitor patients in real time, collect, analyze and exploit data to adopt a digital approach for a more efficient management of clinical trials.

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