Global Delivery Model for Validation and Compliance

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Business & Decision Life Sciences leverages its RightDelivery® Global Delivery Model to ensure that the right blend of resources (different consulting grades, on-site, off-site and remote) is used to provide industry leading yet competitive services. These are designed to support our clients through:

  • Short term strategic consulting engagements
  • Longer term fixed price projects
  • The operational phase via service level agreements

This allows Business & Decision Life Sciences to leverage its position as industry thought leaders, its knowledge of international regulations, regulatory and industry guidelines, and global resources to deliver services of unique value to local and international clients. In order to appropriately scope validation and other project activities, all projects have on-going access to Senior and Principal Consultants at key stages in a project (planning, key milestone reviews, reporting and to help address significant risks and issues). It is this strategic input which achieves the right balance between compliance, risk mitigation and cost reduction. Staffed by an appropriate mix of resources for on-going project and operational phase support (on-site and off-site, on-shore or off-shore), Business & Decision Life Sciences’ RightDelivery® Global Delivery Model for IS Compliance and Validation provides the optimum solution for achieving sustainable Least Cost of Compliance.

Most importantly, what differentiates Business & Decision Life Sciences is its ability to work with clients, to consider the long-term implications of IS Compliance and Computer Systems Validation and to develop a tailored service which ensures both compliance with regulatory expectations and significant and sustainable cost savings in the medium to long term.

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