Service Overview

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Lean is the buzz word of the day, but what does it mean in terms of IS compliance and computer system validation? Can businesses really trim validation 'waste', improve quality and reduce the cost of IS processes while still remaining compliant? How should Life Sciences organizations best leverage the Global Delivery Model of leading consultancies and assure compliance and reduce costs. Business & Decision Life Sciences helps clients of all sizes utilize key performance indicators to achieve a sustainable state of 'least cost compliance'.

Solutions and Services

Business & Decision Life Sciences delivers industry leading IS Compliance and Computer System Validation services that are designed to help reduce the overall cost of compliance in Life Sciences organizations.

Located globally in Europe, North America & Asia and with international knowledge and expertise, Business & Decision Life Sciences offers clients a comprehensive service including industry thought-leadership and a range of strategic solutions and tactical services that provide cost-effective and comprehensive IS compliance and validation.

For clients looking for strategic and sustainable changes in their approach to IS Compliance and Computer System Validation (CSV), Business & Decision Life Sciences’ team of highly-qualified consultants can deliver a broad suite of strategic consulting services in the areas of computer systems validation, infrastructure qualification, IT Quality Management and IS process improvement. This allows clients to strategically address IS Compliance and CSV issues, reduce costs without risking regulatory non-compliance and leverage leading edge beneficial technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture.

For clients looking for cost effective project support Business & Decision Life Sciences also provides a range of tactical services capable of supporting key projects and maintaining control and compliance through the life of computer systems and associated infrastructure. This leverages twenty years of industry leading experience and a scalable and flexible resourcing model to minimize the scope of IS compliance and validation on the basis of risk-mitigation and deliver cost effective services across projects and geographies.

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