Biometrics Consultancy

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“Business & Decision Life Sciences has the experts with the knowledge and experience to recommend and deliver pragmatic, workable and cost-effective solutions for your most complex biometrics challenges."


Consultancy and Specialist Services

We can advise on optimal strategy, operations and processes, timelines and costs at an enterprise, programme, or clinical study level and then help you to deliver the solution.

This means you have access to specialist biometrics expertise whenever you need it.


Rescue of under-performing clinical studies

We have successfully rescued failing studies by rebuilding trust, clarifying priorities, and improving processes. We can reinvigorate and restore your underperforming projects.


Integrated safety and efficacy summaries for global regulatory submissions

We are experienced in delivering high-quality ISS/ISE outputs and reports in required regulatory formats and to CDISC standards.


EDC solutions

Our working experience of many database systems allows us to rigorously specify, select and deploy an appropriate EDC solution for you.


Programme design

Our experts will help you design programmes that will optimise your clinical development and gain regulatory approval.


Advisory boards and steering committees

Members of our Statistical Advisory Council are available to participate on advisory boards and steering committees to advise on your product development.



As well as recruiting experienced statisticians, programmers, data managers and medical writers to supplement your team, we will provide biometrics teams under functional service provision (FSP) arrangements.


Outsourcing plans and implementation support, including FSP and strategic partnership arrangements

We advise on biometrics outsourcing options, from transactional arrangements through FSP alliances to strategic partnerships, and assist with implementation and management.


Other consultancy services

These services include operational strategy, process and systems redesign and implementation support, team roles and responsibilities and tailor-made training.

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