Functional Services

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With Business & Decision Life Sciences you can outsource a single function (e.g., statistical programming, statistical analysis, publication management) using a dedicated team to improve efficiency and lower overall costs.  Rather than having the consultant working from the sponsor’s office, he manages his work from a platform at the Business & Decision Life Sciences’ office. Platforms usually operate under sponsor’s SOP, procedures and guidelines.


Our services

  • Assign a dedicated, experienced, and motivated team which is familiar with the project and sponsor’s team and becomes expert in sponsor’s system and processes.
  • Build a partnership with the sponsor.
  • Tailor our approach to meet sponsor specific needs.
  • Provide high quality work and services.
  • Ensure the continuity of trained resources.


Cost model

The cost model of this outsourcing service is based on deliverables or on daily rates.

These costs include the costs related to the recruitment, general human resources (i.e. salary, insurance, and payroll taxes), people management, training, coaching, project management, license for project management tools (e.g. PMAPTM), infrastructure (i.e. IT facilities, office equipment, and furniture), planning management and quality management.


Business & Decision Life Sciences has developed and implemented a functional outsourcing service in:

  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • SAS Programming
  • Medical Writing
  • Publications Management
  • Quality Assurance



  • Outsourcing becomes more predictable: Projects are awarded using prenegotiated rates, costing algorithms, and contracts giving transparency in the costing process.
  • Allow an up front global picture on the work involved.
  • Reduce costs of operational elements (e.g., project initiation).
  • Decrease management burden.
  • Ensure continuity and consistency.
  • Reduce training requirements.
  • Improve efficiency and performance due to experience gained from previous outsourced services provided by Business & Decision Life Sciences.
  • Accelerate timelines by putting in place dedicated, specialized teams.

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