Computer Systems Validation

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Topic Original Web Seminar Date
Cloud Compliance - Latest Techniques 11th September 2013
Retrospective Validation of Systems for New Markets 19th June 2013
Computer Systems Validation at Blood Establishments 8th May 2013
Efficient Use of Automated Test Tools in Software Validation 27th March 2013
The new GAMP Testing Good Practice Guide 13th February 2013
IS Compliance as a Service 30th January 2013
Validating GxP Applications for Mobile Computing 2nd January 2013
Compliant 'Cloud Anywhere' 5th December 2012
State-Of-The-Art in Compliant Cloud Computing 15th November 2012
Virtual Book Tour: Retrospective Applications Validation 31st October 2012
Virtual Book Tour: Validating Clouded Applications 19th October 2012
Virtual Book Tour: Practical Risk Management 3rd October 2012
Virtual Book Tour: Validating Enterprise Systems 19th September 2012
Dissecting ERP-CRM Vendors for Cost Effective Validation 17th January 2012
Annex 11, Changes to Computerized System Guidelines in the EU 23rd February 2011
Electronic Records and Signatures: Your Questions Answered 2nd February 2011
Cost Effective Requirements Traceability 20th October 2010
Testing Best Practices: 5 Years of the GAMP Good Practice Guide 10th February 2010
Scaling Risk Assessment in Support of Risk-Based Validation 20th January 2010
Leveraging Agile Software Development Techniques in Support of Validation 13th January 2010
Validating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 9th December 2009
Does Your Website Need Validating? 14th October 2009
Practically Applying GAMP 5 in the Operational Phase 16th September 2009
Practically Applying GAMP 5 in the Project Phase 12th August 2009
Leveraging GAMP 5 and Reducing Validation Costs 15th July 2009
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