Clinical Operations

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides operational management services for clinical trials. These include clinical trial administration, clinical trial monitoring and clinical project management.

Business & Decision Life Sciences’ Clinical Trial Assistants (CTA), Clinical Research Associates (CRA), Clinical Study Coordinators and Clinical Project Managers (CPM) contribute their expertise either on-site at the sponsor or from the Business & Decision Life Sciences offices, depending on the needs of the sponsor and the project.

Key Areas

Business & Decision Life Sciences' experienced clinical research professionals contribute to clinical trial projects in the following areas:

  • Ethical committee approvals
  • Site selection and initiation
  • Site training
  • Site monitoring
  • Source data verification
  • Management of clinical trial budgets, timelines and deliverables


In addition, Business & Decision Life Sciences offers:

  • Training for clinical research professionals
  • Mobile data collection technologies: Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), smartphones, tablet PCs, pen and paper (DPP)
  • Implementation and integration of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

Clinical Operations Solutions

Also in the domain of clinical operations, Business & Decision Life Sciences combines their functional and technology expertise to provide a unique service package of clinical trial management services and eClinical solutions that enable/facilitate data collection and trial management.


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