Safety System Assessments

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides a range of services to assess the existing safety systems and processes of Life Sciences companies and helps develop roadmaps toward meeting current regulatory expectations.

Business & Decision Life Sciences provides a range of services associated with the assessment and development of drug and device safety systems. These include:

  • Development of safety system Roadmaps to outline safety related business processes and technology with key considerations including the integration of processes and systems in the event of corporate mergers/acquisitions, and the need to meet changing regulatory requirements
  • Advising clients regarding industry trends and changes in regulatory requirements, including advice on industry best practices and guidance for aligning with current regulations
  • Designing safety systems processes, including alignment of multiple business areas across multiple product profiles and classes, and process streamlining and optimization
  • Organizational design and organizational change management services, to ensure that best practices are aligned with the organizations culture, vision and strategy
  • Safety systems assessment and/or vendor evaluation and selection. This may include the assessment of current systems, market evaluations, and the selection of a replacement system
  • Project management services throughout all stages of the roadmap
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