Safety Analytics and Intelligence

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Business & Decision Life Sciences applies its industry leading capabilities in Business Intelligence to the field of drug and device safety to provide unrivalled solutions for the analysis of safety data.

With increasing regulatory expectations for proactive drug/device safety and risk management, it is essential that Life Sciences companies use leading edge tools for Safety Intelligence and closed loop Safety Analytics.

As partners with numerous leading edge technology and analytics providers, Business & Decision Life Sciences is able to provide independent guidance and advice on the selection of reporting and analytic tools. These allow Life Sciences companies to:

  • Develop and produce reports and dashboards which highlight trends and alert users to safety signals
  • Develop a proactive analytical capability, using a combination of statistical, graphical or heuristic techniques to identify 'hidden' signals
  • Analyze multiple datasets to determine the root cause of any signals, thereby allowing risks to be effectively mitigated

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of business intelligence and analytics, Business & Decision Life Sciences uses its experience to help clients understand which analytical techniques will be most effective, to guide the selection of appropriate tools, to implement solutions and to train users of the selected solutions.

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