Validation Thought Leadership

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Business & Decision Life Sciences has been active in the field of computer system validation and IS/IT compliance for more than 20 years and the company is internationally known for its thought leadership in the development of industry best practice.

Business & Decision Life Sciences consultants have been at the forefront of developing industry best practice since the mid 1980's. Use of industry leading risk-based methods provide the highest degree of assurance that client's mission critical applications, IT infrastructure and IT processes meet regulatory expectations in the most cost effective manner.

Ongoing Contribution to Computer Systems Validation

Since the early 1990's, Business & Decision Life Sciences’ team of computer systems validation consultants have contributed to the work of ISPE/GAMP®, through the work of Special Interest Groups and an ongoing commitment to the development and review of the GAMP® guide and associated good practice guides.

Business & Decision Life Sciences also takes part in the proactive review of regulatory guidance documents and revisions to GxP regulations (e.g. US FDA and PIC/S) that impact upon the implementation, operation and support of computer systems, IT infrastructure and IT operations.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Leveraging Business & Decision Life Sciences’ expert knowledge, clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage by optimizing the cost of computer system validation and compliance throughout the extended lifecycle of their applications and infrastructure.

Business & Decision Life Sciences experts are also able to provide standard and customized training on all topics associated with IS compliance and computer systems validation.

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