Compliant Hosting and Data Center

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides compliant hosting services for IT systems and applications in the regulated Life Sciences industry, using fully qualified data centers.

Hosting in a Qualified Environment

Regulatory significant systems and applications must be maintained in a validated state but in many cases, there is a desire to outsource the hosting of such systems or applications.

Business & Decision Life Science’s data centers are capable of hosting regulated applications in a controlled and qualified environment. Managed in accordance with IT industry standards, Business & Decision Life Sciences has also qualified their IT Infrastructure and trained their data center staff to meet international regulatory expectations in the Life Sciences industry.

Many large commercial hosting organizations do not meet such expectations or find it difficult to demonstrate compliance. In such cases, Life Sciences organizations incur additional costs because of the need to put additional controls in place or conduct frequent surveillance audits. A situation avoided when hosting with Business & Decision Life Sciences.

Based upon principles outlined in version 5 of the GAMP® Guide and the GAMP® IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance Good Practice Guide, Business & Decision Life Sciences has formally qualified its data center and structured its IT Quality Management System to clearly demonstrate its ability to host regulatory significant applications and provide Life Sciences clients with a cost effective and compliant hosting capability.

Business & Decision Life Sciences is also able to provide compliant managed services systems and applications hosted within its own data center or on client or third party sites.

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