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Business & Decision Life Sciences is an industry leader in the provision of compliant cloud computing solutions for the Life Sciences industry, leveraging Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service to provide our Life Sciences clients with controlled, Private Cloud solutions in which they can control their GxP significant applications.

Cloud computing is without doubt the largest paradigm change in IT. The terminology can be confusing, the services difficult to understand and, for regulated Life Sciences companies, the risks can be difficult to qualify. While there are undoubted advantages to be leveraged from moving to the Cloud, how can these risks be realized with undue risk to data integrity, product quality and patient safety?

Business & Decision Life Sciences Can Help

Business & Decision Life Sciences is an industry thought leader in the application of cloud computing in Life Sciences. As members of the GAMP® IT Infrastructure Special Interest Group and Testing of GxP Systems Special Interest Group looking at Cloud Computing, and as members of the Steven's Institute of Technology Cloud Consortium looking at Governance models for Cloud Computing, our industry experts understand and know how to mitigate the risks. Moreover, Business & Decision Life Sciences experts help Life Sciences organizations to assess cloud service providers and to develop cloud strategies that appropriately consider and mitigate risks.

To understand whether cloud computing is for you and which models you could adopt, view our webcasts on cloud computing.


Compliant Cloud Computing

Leveraging its extensive knowledge, Business & Decision Life Sciences is also able to provision compliant cloud computing models from its fully qualified data center.

While some industry specific Software as a Service solutions do exist, there are often validation and compliance concerns. Business & Decision Life Sciences focuses on the provision of Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service models, providing Life Sciences clients with full control over their GxP signficant applications, but leveraging the essential characteristics of cloud computing (on demand self-service, broad network access, rapid elasticity, resource pooling and measured services) which are derived from the infrastructure and platform layers.

This provides the right balance between flexibility and scalability, cost effectiveness and the ability to maintain compliance for medium and high risk GxP applications. If you are considering the cloud, but don't think that Software as a Service is the right option for you, please contact us to see how we can help.

Compliant 'Cloud Anywhere'

Business & Decision Life Sciences also offer a range of pre-engineered, pre-qualified 'Cloud Anywhere' solutions, which allow the advantages of Cloud computed to be realized On-Premise (on a client's site) or Off-Premise (in a co-located data center for example). Regardless of location, our compliant 'Cloud Anywhere' solutions are fully qualified and continue to be managed under own quality management system.

Providing hardware, virtualization, operating systems, database and scalable processing, memory and storage, clients have all the advantages of a Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service on which to deploy their regulated GxP significant applications. For those situations where Software-as-a-Service cannot provide a compliant solution, 'Cloud Anywhere' allows Life Sciences companies to use the software they need while still leveraging the advantages of the Cloud.

View our 'Compliant Cloud Anywhere' webcast for more information.

Cloud Computing Webcasts

Cloud Computing is a 'hot topic' in the Life Sciences industry, where regulated companies are struggling with how to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing in a regulatory compliant manner. Business & Decision Life Sciences were and are a thought leader on the topic of Compliant Cloud and addressed these issues in a series of ground-breaking, landmark webcasts in the industry.

Recordings of our webcasts are available for everyone to review - view them now and learn how to acquire and leverage compliant Cloud Computing services.

Topic Original Web Seminar Date
Compliant Cloud Anywhere 5th December 2012
State-of-the-Art in Compliant Cloud Computing 15th November 2012
Compliant Cloud Computing - Applications and Software as a Service 21st September 2011
Compliant Cloud Computing Leveraging Platform as a Service 20th July 2011
Compliant Cloud Computing Leveraging Infrastructure as a Service 18th May 2011
Qualfiying the Cloud: Fact or Fiction? 17th November 2010
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