ERP and Supply Chain

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Business & Decision combines manufacturing industry best practices and an in-depth knowledge of Good Manufacturing and Good Distribution Practice (GMP/GDP) to deliver specialist Life Sciences ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), manufacturing and supply chain solutions to the Life Sciences industry.

Within the Life Sciences industry, Business & Decision specializes in implementing:

  • Process manufacturing solutions with a focus on primary (API) pharmaceutical, biotechnology or other complex batch manufacturing in the Life Sciences value chain
  • Discrete manufacturing solutions with a focus in the medical devices sector and discrete manufacturing in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology value chain
  • Mixed mode manufacturing, combining elements of process and discrete manufacturing within the same facility or organization
  • Lean manufacturing and supply chain, balancing the need to be lean with the need to remain regulatory compliant
  • Quality assurance solutions with a focus on GMP and GDP significant processes
  • Track and trace, including pedigree and serialization solutions
  • Manufacturing intelligence solutions, including GMP and GDP decision support

Business & Decision has specialized accelerated solutions for small-to-medium sized clients and also focus on international implementation and roll-outs for medium sized client organizations, combining specialized solutions in a single system.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions

Solutions in Manufacturing and Supply Chain are built upon industry leading ERP and other solutions from Business & Decision's software partners, implemented using cost-effective accelerated life cycles, fully incorporating validation requirements. Compliance with GMP and GDP regulations (including electronic records and signatures) is built in to every solution.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting Services

Consulting services delivered in the manufacturing and supply chain domain include:

  • Business process consulting
  • Supply chain planning and optimization
  • Risk management
  • Computer systems validation
  • IT compliance
  • GMP/GDP regulatory compliance
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