Customer Relationship Management

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Business & Decision specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Life Sciences industry, combining cross industry expertise in sales and marketing with industry specific knowledge of the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors.

With a need to maximize sales volumes and profitability, minimize time to peak sales and reduce sales and marketing costs, Life Sciences companies must successfully adopt CRM solutions from other industries while respecting the regulatory constraints that apply to specific brands and sales territories.

Life Sciences CRM Solutions

Tailored for prescription sales, over-the-counter sales, consumer health products, high volume devices or low volume high technology medical devices, Business & Decision provides sector specific CRM solutions. With 500 consultants fully focused on CRM best practices Business & Decision provide a unique and dedicated portfolio of CRM solutions to customer focused Life Sciences companies.

CRM solutions are built upon industry leading solutions from Business & Decision's software partners, implemented using our unique V2V (Velocity-to-Value) methodology and are hosted either 'on-premise' (at the client site, typically for corporate solutions) or as Software as a Service (SaaS, more typically for regional or product specific solutions).

Life Sciences CRM Services

Consulting services delivered in the CRM domain include:

  • Segmentation and customer life time value analysis
  • Customer interaction strategies
  • Business case definition and value discovery
  • Customer information intelligence, including network analytics
  • Multi channel marketing consulting and CRM process benchmarking
  • CRM architecture development and solution benchmarking
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