Multi-Channel Sales and Marketing

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Business & Decision Life Sciences consultants are acknowledged experts in multi-channel sales and marketing solutions for the Life Sciences industry, combining our expertise in sales and marketing with specific knowledge of the complexities of sales and marketing in a regulated industry.

Life Sciences companies need to:

  • Maximize peak sales
  • Minimize time to achieve peak sales
  • Extend the period of peak sales
  • Reduce sales and marketing costs

As well as basic field sales automation, this requires that organizations understand, acquire and adopt multi-channel sales and marketing techniques widely adopted in other industries yet recognise the unique regulatory constraints in their industry which may restrict activities, limit expenditure and require detailed reporting to demonstrate compliance.

Multi Channel Sales & Marketing Solutions

Business & Decision provide clients with CRM consulting services and leading industry sales and marketing management solutions, based upon software from our partners, combining industry leading sales and marketing management processes with advanced sales and customer analytics. This includes the use of traditional media and new media channels including the use of Web 2.0 (social networking, blogging, groups and forums etc).

As a result, clients are now redefining their sales and marketing processes based on:

  • Precise territory management and customer segmentation, aimed not only at doctors, but consultants, pharmacists, other health care professionals, and in appropriate cases, patients and consumers
  • Efficient use of face-to-face and online e-detailing, delivering content through the right channel, at the right time and at the right cost
  • Coordination of multi-channel sales and marketing, optimizing the use of field sales and multi-channel marketing campaigns, leveraging the latest media

As part of the process of defining customer segments and channels we ensure that our clients remain compliant with relevant regulations which may restrict the use of advertising or marketing in specific health care markets

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