Web 2.0 and Social Networking

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Business & Decision extend their sales and marketing channel consulting in Life Sciences to include the use of Web 2.0 technlogies such as social networking. We ensure that our Life Sciences clients implement effective web promotions, compliant with local and national regulations.

Life Sciences companies are looking to extend the effectiveness of their traditional sales and marketing channels through the use of Web 2.0 technologies inclduing blogging, social networking (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), on-line groups and forums and the use of interactive web content.

However, any on-line promotions need to comply with advertising regulations - a significant challenge when use of the Internet means that the different regulations of many different countries need to be considered in order to remain compliant. This needs the input of subject matter experts across three key areas - Information Technology, regulatory and marketing.

Support from Business & Decision

Business & Decision support clients to effectively leverage Web 2.0 technologies as part of the wider multi-channel sales and marketing approach and also ensure that our clients remain compliant with applicable regulations. This leverages:

  • The relationship management expertise of our international CRM group
  • The regulatory expertise of our international Life Sciences consulting practice
  • The specialist technical knowledge of Interakting, our own digital marketing agency

At a time when regulatory authorities are now starting to take enforcement action with respect to newer on-line media, we work in combination to assist clients in the development of their Web 2.0 strategies, integrate this with more traditional sales and marketing channels and ensure that the use of these technologies is both effective and compliant with local or national regulations.

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