Sales and Customer Analytics

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Business & Decision Life Sciences are experts in the field of Life Sciences sales and customer analytics, combining a long standing expertise in performance management and business intelligence with an in-depth knowledge of Life Sciences sales and marketing practices.

Having invested in core CRM solutions (field sales automation and call center management) many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organizations need to use the valuable information generated to not only monitor sales and marketing performance but drive process improvement through the use of closed loop sales and customer analytics.

From daily operational reporting, through management dashboards and up to strategic planning, Business & Decision Life Sciences' solutions build iteratively to provide closed loop performance management systems, either within sales and marketing or embedded as part of a wider enterprise wide data warehousing or corporate performance management system.

To support closed-loop process improvement, Business & Decision Life Sciences' customer analytics and sales performance management solutions consist of:

  • Customer segmentation and life time value analysis
  • Territory management and planning, sales and marketing strategy definition and execution, incentive and compensation management
  • Pricing analytics
  • Sales activity monitoring and performance improvement
  • Marketing activity monitoring and optimization
  • After sales activity monitoring and analysis
  • Sales and operation planning

Business & Decision Life Sciences' portfolio of services provides a complete approach to the design, implementation and support of comprehensive sales and marketing performance management processes and systems.

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