Health Sciences Relationship Management

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides a range of case management and relationship management solutions to the health care and life sciences sectors, improving patient care and clinical outcomes and allowing health sciences clients to improve business performance.

Health care and life sciences ('health sciences') organizations are increasingly looking to leverage information about their customers, patients and collaboration partners to manage patient cases more efficiently, reduce costs and assure a better patient outcome. Providing a true 360° view of the patient and/or the customer provides unrivalled opportunities to share information in a secure manner, integrate business processes and understand how different parts of an organization relate to individuals and other organizations.

Effective case management and relationship management allows health sciences companies to work more effectively in order to provide seamless healthcare and better case management, thereby reducing costs, assuring patient satisfaction, maximizing life time revenues and improving bottom lines. Where this is acheived through the use of shared and secure patient/customer master data and efficient business process integration, health sciences companies can improve the quality of patient's lives and also meet the demands of stakeholders for more efficient and profitable business models.

Case Management & Relationship Management Solutions

Depending on the needs of the specific health sciences client Business & Decision Life Sciences provide integrated solutions either for case management or relationship management.

Client-specific case management solutions are developed based upon Business & Decision Life Sciences' Mi-Case multi-agency case management solution, allowing Health Sciences organizations to collaborate with other external agencies (such as law enforcement, probabation or rehabilitation agencies), to assure better patient outcomes and meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Where clients have a broader requirement to manage a wide variety of relationships (patients, healthcare professionals, customers, collaboration partners etc), Business & Decision Life Sciences use their knowledge of the life sciences and health care sectors, and of current off-the-shelf CRM solutions to develop client specific solutions.

Leveraging partner solutions from vendors such as Microsoft and, Business & Decision Life Sciences use open standards to extend and integrate configurable-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to meet to specific needs of each Health Science client's business model.

These will typically include the need to manage master data relating to all contacts and the requirement to integrate traditional CRM functions (field sales automation and call center management) with client specific functions such as health information management, patient record integration, business process automation, e-mail integration, prescription management and case management.

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