Case Management and EHR

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides a range of case management and electronic healthcare record solutions for healthcare providers (or Life Sciences companies also providing healthcare management), providing efficient and compliant case management and EHR solutions.

Healthcare providers already understand the need for efficient and effective case management and an increasing number of Life Sciences companies are looking to increase revenues by more active healthcare management and by delivering better patient outcomes through the use of their own products. As regulations change, there is a constant need to ensure that healthcare management and electronic healthcare record comply with local and national regulations.

Mi-Case Solutions

Building on a powerful set of core case management foundation modules, Business & Decision Life Sciences' Mi-Case Case Management solution provides specific solutions for:

  • Healthcare treatment pathways, KPI monitoring and outcome management
  • Electronic Health Records (including compliance with HIPAA and Meaningful Use regulations)
  • Family and Community access, to those individuals supporting treatment
  • Substance abuse management, including the presciption of alternative medication
  • Behavioural health management

For more details on this comprehensive case management solutuion see the Mi-Case website

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