Compliant Business Intelligence

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Business & Decision Life Sciences combines unrivalled knowledge of Business Intelligence, analytics and regulatory compliance to provide cost effective and approptately validated solutions for use in the regulated Life Sciences industry.

Business Intelligence and analytical platforms primarily support business needs but in many cases it would be beneficial to use the same platforms in support of GxP decision making (making decisions which impact on GLP, GCP, GMP or GDP). In some cases Life Sciences organizations implement two platforms - one validated and one unvalidated - and in other cases organizations choose not to make GxP significant decisions based upon Business Intelligence or Analytics, because of the perceived overhead of validating such platforms.

What is needed is to leverage leading edge Business Intelligence and analytics but to ensure that GxP decision support is appropriately catered for.

GxP Decision Support from Business & Decision Life Sciences

Leveraging our unique Compliant Business Intelligence Maturity Model (CBIMM), Business & Decision Life Sciences consultants are able to assess client's use of Business Intelligence and analytical platforms to:

  • Support operational objectives, business objectives and business process improvement
  • Appropriately qualify Business Intelligence and Analytical platforms
  • Provide risk-based validation of GxP Decision Support components

This assessment model is then used to improve the use of Business Intelligence/analytics in the organization (progressing from simple data warehouses, reports and dashboards through to the use of closed loop analytics) and also ensure that GxP decision support components are appropriately validated on the basis of risk to product quality and patient safety.

This allows client's to ensure that they gain maximum return on investment in their use of Business Intelligence and analytics and also remain compliant with GLP, GCP, GMP and GDP regulations.

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