Compliant Hosting & Managed Services

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Business & Decision Life Sciences provides a range of hosting, support, administration and maintenance services for regulatory significant software and applications, leveraging its fully qualified data center and supporting managed services.



Hosting of validated (and non-validated) applications

The co-location data center that we use in our daily operations provides the advantage of a professional hosting environment, but with a maximum of control by our internal IT and Compliance subject matter experts.

On-top of the hosting services, flexible Validation-as-a-Service solutions can be offered to meet the regulatory and customer needs.





Provision of managed services (database, application, user account etc)

For many of our customers, IT is not their core business. We can support you in not only offering infrastructure, but also the manual administrative services around it, to ensure that the infrastructure is maintained under control and compliant.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) includes a rich set of IT processes required to support the business processes at its best.

You can trust that your data is backed up, that the right users have the right access and business continuity is assured.



Hosting of client infrastructure within our qualified data ceter


One layer down the software layer, we can also offer our customers rack space. This saves you the time and administrative overhead of repeating the qualification of the data center and provides a simplified way of contracting, when combined with other services.

The qualification that we offer will not only demonstrate that the data center does not only complies with the security and privacy needs, but it also has the benefit of decreasing the risk of service outages, by the presence of excellent HVAC equipment and diesel generators and UPS.


Compliant cloud computing


By combining our different services we offer our customers a agile compliant cloud solution, tailored to your needs as well as all relevant regulatory requirements.

 These solutions provide you with the requested control over your IT Systems, together with the required compliance activities at the right time and with the right resources.

 The BDLS Cloud Compting Model allows you to support your business processes, without having to do large capital or resource investments.


Business & Decision Life Sciences is an active member of the GAMP® Forum and contributed to the development of the IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance Good Practice Guide. Learn more here.




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